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We want to welcome you to a place you can call home. Come as you are and enjoy services designed to bring you peace, spiritual growth and a purpose. 

We are a growing and loving church family, The Lord's Church is a place to worship and grow in the love of God.

We invite you to come and get to know us. We believe God has a good plan for your life and hope to be a part of it!



Highway 50 to Mather Field:


  1. Take Mather Field Drive south

  2. Stay in far right lane; road will curve to the left -- stay straight

  3. At the entry to Mather Commerce Center and the stoplight on Peter A. McCuen,  turn left

  4. Pass in front of the VA Hospital and continue as the road curves right and changes names to Femoyer

  5. Femoyer will cross Mather Blvd. in .4 (4/10) of a mile

  6. Turn left

  7. Proceed 2.8 miles on Mather Blvd. around the airfield and past the FAA radar facility (looks like a large golf ball)

  8. We are on a rise on the left side of Mather Blvd.




Highway 50 to Sunrise:


  1. Travel south on Sunrise

  2. Proceed to Douglas Road

  3. Turn right on Douglas Road (approximately 6 miles)

  4. At the junction of Douglas and Mather Blvd. (stop sign) turn left

  5. Proceed approximately a mile

  6. We are on a rise on the left side of Mather Blvd.

Contact Us




4427 Mather Blvd.,

Mather Community

Sacramento,  CA 95655

Weekly Services


Morning Service 10:00 AM

In person and Facebook Live

Wednesday - Zoom Online

Bible Study 11:00 AM

Evening Service 7:00 PM

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