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Open Book
Senior Pastors Richard & Corrine Cardoza

The year 2023 marks 43 years in the ministry for us. After pastoring in other parts of California we came with our three children to Sacramento in 1988. It was here that we assumed the pastorate of a church and began to put down roots. It has always been in our hearts to help people to know and follow Jesus Christ through the strong teaching of God's Word.


After pastoring in this city for six years, we obtained our peaceful 15-acre facility on the former Mather AFB. Here on this beautiful property we are seeing the vision God put in our hearts years ago begin to come to pass.


As a church we are a family of believers in Jesus Christ with a mission to reach people with the message of God's love, teach them how to live according to God's word, and to establish them in their faith.


We believe that God has a good plan for everyone's life. We also believe that each person has a vital part in the community of God. We invite you to be a part of The Lord's Church where we are growing together in God's love.

Pastors AJ & Jasmine Johnson

 Obediently planted their church, FaithPointe Community, in September 2020. Located in Elk Grove, it served as the headquarters of their other campuses under their oversight and name in Chimalhuacan, Mexico; Agra, India; and Stockton, California. Pastors AJ & Jasmine are the blessed parents of five beautiful children.


 Pastor AJ Johnson has served in a multitude of ministries since 2005 including: youth ministry music ministry, church administration, outreach coordination, and Police Chaplaincy.  God has blessed him to travel to countries all over the globe as a musician and speaker, proclaiming the Good News and sharing his gift. He holds a Master's Degree in Business Administration.

Pastor Jasmine Johnson has undergone extensive ministry training. She is a certified motivational speaker, published author, and an award-winning community activist from Iowa (more on her website She is currently working  toward her Master's Degree in Divinity and enjoys using her gifts and talents for God's glory.

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